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Douwe J.J. van Hinsbergen, PhD
The Netherlands

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The Consultancy


Tethys Tectonics consultancy provides your exploration or new venture team in petroleum or mineral industry with regional (plate) tectonic context for the last 250 million years in intensely deformed geological areas, including the Mediterranean region, the India-Arabia-Asia collision zone, and the Caribbean region.

Tethys Tectonics Consultancy translates the latest scientific developments in plate tectonics and plate boundary deformation into the geological context that your company needs for georesource exploration. Quick, to the point, focused, and on demand.

Geographical areas of expertise include the Tethyan realm and the Caribbean region, but reconstructions can be provided for any region on Earth since the late Paleozoic.


Reconstruction formats

The advent of the free plate reconstruction software GPlates has led to a revolution in geological retrodeformation studies of complex plate boundary zones such as the Tethyan or Caribbean realms. Since the plate tectonic revolution, reconstructions were published and sold as images displaying paleogeography in large time-steps, whereby the quantitative basis and reconstruction philosophy remained unpublished, and unknown to the user.

Tethys Tectonics consultancy offers:
-the latest state-of-the-art of the science of (plate) tectonic reconstructions and reference frames;
-tailor-made tectonic reconstructions in the detail that team needs;
-full disclosure of reconstruction files and reference frames to allow your team to build upon published information;
-short courses in Advanced Tectonics, Plate Tectonics and Reconstructions, Regional Geology, Orogenesis, and Ophiolite Genesis


Consultancy formats

Tethys Tectonic consultancy provides on-demand analyses, summaries, memos, short courses, and advice using and updating existing reconstructions. Consulting occurs on an hourly basis, with typically less than 50 working hours per project.

If your team needs elaborate (field) geological analyses, or detailed restorations of areas that are not in the current databases, longer-term projects can be designed through MSc-, PhD-, or Post-Doc level university-based projects.


Mediterranean region


India-Arabia-Asia collision zone


Caribbean region