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Douwe J.J. van Hinsbergen, PhD
The Netherlands

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The Consultant


Tethys Tectonics Consultancy is a company of Douwe J.J. van Hinsbergen, PhD.

Van Hinsbergen has been Associate Professor of Tectonics in the Mantle Dynamics group of Utrecht University, the Netherlands since 2012. He obtained an MSc (1999) and PhD (2004) in geology at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He subsequently worked as researcher at the University of Leicester (UK, 2004-2006), the Paleomagnetic Laboratory Fort Hoofddijk, the Netherlands (2006-2009), the Geological Survey of Norway at Trondheim (2009) and the Physics of Geological Processes group at the University of Oslo (Norway, 2009-2012).

Van Hinsbergen is a specialist in plate tectonic reconstructions, in particular of intensely deformed regions. He has a background in structural geology, field geology, paleomagnetism, and basin and basement geology, and is a widely published and cited author. He obtained a prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant, and a Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) Vidi grant in 2012, and is currently leading a research group focused on Tethyan and circum-Pacific tectonics and geodynamics.

Through Tethys Tectonics Consultancy, van Hinsbergen bridges the gap between academia and industry, to establish a cross-fertilization between the latest state-of-the-art of academic earth sciences, and developments and pressing questions in industry.

More information on his scientific portfolio can be found on www.geologist.nl